Russian dwarf gets extra 26 cm after surgery

Russian dwarf gets extra 26 cm after surgery

27 Jul, 12:22 PM

Russian surgeons from the city of Leninsk-Kuznetsk, western Siberia, have performed a unique bone lengthening operation on a 120 centimeter man, Russian website reports. Now, the 22 year-old patient is 146 centimeters in height and feels like a real giant.

Vladimir Kutsenko has been dreaming about bone lengthening surgery since early childhood.

“I’m the happiest man on the world now. I told the doctors before the operation that I could bear any pain. I just wanted to be a real man.” Vladimir said.  

Vladimir has had Ollier disease, a rare nonhereditary sporadic disorder. It usually occurs in the hands and feet and carries a higher risk for cancer. The chances of being born with Ollier disease are estimated at around 1 in 100,000,” The head of the orthopaedics department at the hospital Nilokay Sinitsa said. “Before the surgical procedure Vladimir’s extremities were twice as short as those of someone of standard height. We have lengthened his legs by 16 centimeters, each with the Ilizarov's external fixator.”

After the operation, the happy Kutsenko asked doctors to perform the same surgery on his arms, because he cannot lift his nephews up. They have consented to the second operation.

“I remember the moment when our mother brought Vova [Vladimir] from the maternity hospital 22 years ago.” Vladimir’s sister Vera said. “He had a normal head and body, but his hands and feet were too short. Then we understood that he took after our great grandfather. Be were always telling Vova to be patient. Our great grandfather had stood it. However, my brother decided to fight this disease. And, fortunately, he has won.”

According to doctors, Kutsenko’s condition is very good now.

“I could become a big man. If my great grandfather was alive, he would be very proud of me.” Vladimir said.


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