Firefighter sentenced for growing marijuana at firestation
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Firefighter sentenced for growing marijuana at firestation

27 Jul, 01:00 PM

A Moscow firefighter has lost his job after police discovered he had been growing marijuana at his firestation for 4 months.

Warrant officcer Kirill Marichev, 28, who got away with a suspended sentence, grumbled about the colleague who turned him in, and says he purchased the seeds and the equipment on the Internet.

You can buy all the equipment from the Internet, with delivery, it's fully legal,” he told website.

Seeds can be purchased legally too, they are sold as birds' food. It's only illegal to grow from them,” he explained.

Kirill installed lamps and a watering system in the basement of the firestation and worked hard. In four months the pot plants were doing great, but he was busted before he got his first harvest.

It takes six months. I never got my harvest,” Marichev said bitterly.

After police found the plantation he was fired and sentenced to ten months in jail. But because he has a small child and a good record, the sentence was suspended.

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