Medical student kills 2 with axe to get firsthand experience of death

Medical student kills 2 with axe to get firsthand experience of death

16 Jul, 07:44 PM

A Russian medical student has confessed that she killed two elderly neighbors with an axe because she wanted to witness an actual death.

This is where her blood and brains splashed after I hit her, and they started to pour down right here, like that,” the slender 24-year-old calmly tells the police in the crime re-enactment video, available from website.

Tatiana B., resident of Dzerzhinsk city in central Russia and a soon-to-have-been surgeon, chose two old ladies who lived next door for her experiments with life and death .

The first victim was a 85-year-old whom had known the girl since birth. The old lady willingly let her neighbor into the apartment, and when she turned her back Tatiana hit her with an axe. Altogether, she delivered six blows to the victim's neck and head.

After watching the death, Tatiana washed her weapon and quietly left the apartment, taking none of the victim's belongings and leaving the police completely puzzled about the murder. Nobody suspected that Tatiana, the daughter of well-to-do parents and a brilliant student could have had something to do with the murder.

However, when several weeks later another neighbor, an 87-year-old lady, was killed in a similar manner, the police decided to question the young woman.

Tatiana confessed to the murders, and willingly gave numerous details of the two killings.

At the interrogation, she said that she wanted to witness the moment of actual death,” a police officer said.

She is now awaiting trial. The report did not say whether she had yet been tested for mental health or not.

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