Man survives stabbing scissors 5cm into skull

Man survives stabbing scissors 5cm into skull

7 Apr, 03:52 PM

A 19-year old man from the Russian city of Yekaterinburg has survived after stabbing himself in the head with a pair of scissors, Russian web-site reported on Tuesday. According to the website, the man, whose name was reported as Mark Makarenkov, was having a row with his girlfriend and suddenly grabbed the scissors and stabbed himself in the temple.

Shortly afterward the incident Makarenkov’s mother called for an ambulance and he was taken to hospital where surgeons carried out an operation to remove the scissors. According to the medics, the scissors were embedded 5 centimeters into the head but did not damage the patient’s brain or eye. also reported that after Mark’s girlfriend learned about the incident she rushed to the hospital and begged for forgiveness. The web site did not specify whether the girl has received it yet.

Tags: suicide, head injury, miracle, trauma

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