2 Jesuit priests murdered in Moscow for offering  sex
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2 Jesuit priests murdered in Moscow for offering sex

17 Jul, 06:22 PM

Russian investigators say two Jesuit priests found dead last year were killed by a drunk man who was solicited for sex by one of them, AP writes Friday.

The bodies of Otto Messmer of Russia and Victor Betancourt of Ecuador were found on October 28 in their Moscow apartment at the religious order's Moscow headquarters.

Several days later police announced a 38-year-old man had confessed to the killings, they did not offer more details.

The federal Investigative Committee announced Friday that the man had been drinking with Betancourt, and when Betancourt suggested they have sex, the man bludgeoned him with a dumbbell.

It said Messmer arrived later and the man killed him to cover up the first killing.

Phone calls to the Catholic Russian Bishops Conference were not immediately answered.

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