Russian prosecutors defend schoolgirls' rights to short skirts and piercing

Russian prosecutors defend schoolgirls' rights to short skirts and piercing

14 Jul, 03:18 PM

The Russian Prosecutor's Office has told the administration of a college that tried to ban short skirts, naked tummies and pierced noses at school that they are wrong.

Some time ago, a state teacher-training college in Kemerovo, Siberia, issued rules prohibiting schoolgirls to come to classes dressed inappropriately, that is, in things unfit for future teachers, Itar Tass reports.

The ban included miniskirts, naked stomachs and smalls of backs, as well as nose, eyebrow, tongue, lip and basically any other piercing. All of that is unacceptable for girls who will teach children, the dean's office said.

Quite predictably, the girls were rebellious about the ban and tried to have it lifted.

But the support that they received at the Prosecutor's Office, where they took their complaints, came totally unexpectedly.

According to the prosecutor's decision, the ban introduced at the college is unconstitutional. It violates the citizen's right to equality and is therefore illegal.

The college's administration had nothing left to do but admit they had been wrong and lift the ban.

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