Kiev’s mayor has God on his side, wife says
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Kiev’s mayor has God on his side, wife says

21 May, 07:24 PM

Alina Aivazova’s interview with the Ukrainian tabloid Today has created quite a stir. In that interview, the wife of Kiev mayor Leonid Chernovetsky says that she has received “a message from God – salvation will come to Ukraine with Leonid [Chernovetsky].”

Aivazova, who turns 54 today, spoke from the Cote d’Azur, on the French Riviera, where she was celebrating her birthday with her husband, family and friends. They attempted to surprise her by coming unannounced, but Aivazova has psychic dreams and foresaw their arrival. They will spend the evening at a fundraising dinner held by Sharon Stone for AIDS patients.

Aivazova mentioned her religious convictions several times in the interview. Her husband is also known to be religious. He is a follower of Sunday Adelaja, the Nigerian Pentecostal preacher who has achieved great popularity in Ukraine. Chernovetsky was a successful businessman before entering politics. He issued an album of covers of popular music from the 1980s earlier this year. He announced his intention to run for president of the country on March 26.

Today, Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko also announced that “her team” plans to participate in the presidential election as well, Interfax reports. Aivazova has no political ambitions, however. “I don’t want to enter politics,” she told Today. “Or I would tell the truth, and that is fraught. But you will see – I will still be the first lady of the country.”


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