Nationalists offer Moscow authorities help in fighting gay propaganda
Gay parade in Brazil   /  Photo:

Nationalists offer Moscow authorities help in fighting gay propaganda

24 Apr, 12:15 PM

A Russian radical nationalist movement has appealed to Moscow authorities seeking tougher legislation on public actions promoting homosexuality, particularly the unauthorized gay parade expected in Moscow in early May.

The Movement against Illegal Immigration said that the proposals it made, which suggested introducing legal penalties for homosexual propaganda, were aimed at helping Moscow mayor Yuri Luzhkov, Kommersant daily said Friday.

“We want the mayor’s decision to ban gay parades to be based on laws, not just on his personal opinion,” the activists said.

Moscow’s mayor has banned numerous gay prides in the city, and is unlikely to give the go ahead to this year’s parade. The march is planned for May 16, the same day the Eurovision song contest final will be held in Moscow and thousands of tourists are expected to travel to the city to watch the show.

The Mayor’s Office, however, responded to the group by saying it did not need any extra help in governing the city.

In March, Russian gay parade organizers filed a case with the European Court of Human Rights against the Moscow authorities, demanding $2.2 million compensation for failing to allow 155 gay-rights marches.

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