Policeman and reporter arrested on suspicion of staging Sochi bombings
Photo: www.molgvardia.ru

Policeman and reporter arrested on suspicion of staging Sochi bombings

16 Apr, 01:57 PM

The Russian prosecutor's investigative committee and the Federal Security Service of Russia have arrested the organizers of a series of explosions in Sochi, the Black Sea resort that will host the 2014 Olympic Games. The arrested persons, who have not been named, are a local policeman and a cameraman from a Sochi TV channel, the Russian website Lenta.ru reports.

A Sochi court has initiated criminal cases against both men for the killing of more than one person and attempted murder. The court has combined the cases into one proceeding, Russian website Gazeta.ru reports.

The explosions of pipe bombs took place on the streets and resorts of Sochi from April to August 2008.

The last explosion took place on February 2009. As a result of the last explosion, one man died and another suffered burn injuries. Altogether, the explosions allegedly organized by the arrested persons led to 5 deaths and 19 injuries.




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