Man on trial for bribing newspaper into slandering Russian Orthodox Church
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Man on trial for bribing newspaper into slandering Russian Orthodox Church

15 Apr, 11:20 PM

Moscow police have detained a man who tried to bribe an opposition newspaper into publishing articles critical of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Dmitry Kopylov, 23, was caught red-handed at Novaya Gazeta newspaper’s office, when he paid the editor 89,000 rubles, or $2500, RIA Novosti reported Wednesday.

The newspaper’s management came to the police in March to report that a young man was offering them a bribe for publishing his articles. They said that he had promised to pay three to four million rubles ($86,000 to $114,000) every month if they agreed to publish his material regularly.

Kopylov was detained when he came to the newspaper with the money and his article, and was charged with bribery. The charges could land him in prison for a maximum of twelve years.

It wa reported that, before coming to Novaya Gazeta, Kopylov had visited other Moscow publications with a similar proposal.

Lately the Russian Orthodox Church has been steadily increasing its influence in society, inciting criticism from those who think that the church should not be involved in political matters.

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