Japan asked to drop Georgia's 'Russian-based' name
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Japan asked to drop Georgia's 'Russian-based' name

27 Mar, 06:09 PM

Japan is taking very seriously Georgia's request to stop calling it by the Russian-based name 'Grudzia' and start using the international name of the former Soviet republic.

According to media reports, Georgia's Foreign Minister Grigol Vashadze, voiced the appeal March 10 during his visit to Tokyo.

Grudzia is based on the Russian name of the country, so we would like you to change it,” he said.

Instead of 'Grudzia', Georgia offered Tokyo to use the English word 'Georgia', regardless of its homonymity with the name of an American state.

There are bound to be problems,” a Japanese diplomat told Itar Tass news agency commenting on the request.

This country is going to be confused with the American state of Georgia. But we have listened to this request, and we shall consider it.”

Most West European countries use the English word when referring to the former Soviet republic, although the Germans call it 'Grusien'. But all of the former Soviet states use 'Grudzia', and so does East Asia.

Georgia's relationship with Russia, always rather cold, sank to deep freeze following the autumn war in Georgia's province of South Ossetia, whose bid for independence Russia chose to uphold.

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