Twitter revolutions

Twitter revolutions

20 Apr, 12:03 PM

Now that the dust has somewhat settled over the central squares of Tbilisi and Chisinau (although demonstrations continue in the former), one question keeps on nagging me: what was it all about? Here we have two popular protests that have led to nothing – and even if they had led to something, they would still lead to nothing.

Mikhail Khazin: A New World Order – or a Return to Feudalism? Mikhail Khazin: A New World Order – or a Return to Feudalism?

3 Mar, 03:03 PM

Russia has always had its fair share of naysayers prophesying America’s doom. Now, the economic crisis that has spread to one of the world’s largest oil exporters means that some of these prophets are actually being taken seriously.

Eurovision songs - what's in a name? Eurovision songs - what's in a name?

16 Mar, 10:38 PM

Top of the news this week — on both sides of the "iron fence" — was occupied by Stephane and 3G, the Georgian pop music project that will soon be coming to Moscow for the Eurovision 2009 contest, touting the song whose refrain goes like "We don't want to Put In!"




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