Russia plans large scale military exercises near Georgian border
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Russia plans large scale military exercises near Georgian border

Today, 02:01 PM

Russian Ministry of Defense plans to hold military exercises for the North Caucasus district armed forces in reply to NATO’s military exercises in Georgia, Russian website reports.

According to the Ministry of Defense the operational-strategic military exercises, named Caucasus 2009’, will take place from June 29 to July 6.

 “The main purpose of the exercises is the assessment of combat readiness in the Southwest district of Russia. Also, we want to improve interaction of military administrations in the North Caucasus.” Spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry Alexander Drobyshevsky said. “The troops, who will be performing the maneuvers, will show thier prowess under the conditions of martial law and state of emergency.”

The Defence Ministry will focus its attention on counter-terrorism, civil defense, battle tactics and controlling troops while neutralizing terrorist groups and their leaders.

According to the report, two thousand soldiers, eighty tanks, one hundred armored vehicles and more that one hundred artillery-type weapons will be used in the exercises.

“The forthcoming exercises are on a par with Soviet era operations. All the troops in the North Caucasus will take part in the maneuvers, including the 4th and the 7th bases in South Ossetia and Abkhasia.” Deputy Minister of Defense General-Colonel Alexander Kolmykov said.

NATO observers have not been invited.

“Firstly, these are Russian only maneuvers. Why do NATO observers have to be there? It concerns not only NATO forces, but other countries too. Secondly, NATO has to renew relations with Russia, or at least not to hold their exercises in Georgia,” Kolmykov said.    

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