Students take professor to court for atheist propaganda

Students take professor to court for atheist propaganda

14 Mar, 12:00 PM

A philosophy professor has been charged with violating human rights after warning that all students wanting to do well in their philosophy exam must first become atheists. If found guilty, he may face up to five years in jail.

A criminal investigation has been launched against Professor Vladislav Radchenko, who has said that believing in God rules out thorough understanding of philosophy, Rossiyskaya Gazeta daily writes Friday. Radchenko teaches philosophy at the Far-Eastern State Industry and Economics College in Russia’s Khabarovsk.  

Radchenko proclaimed his views during his first lecture with third-year students, explaining to the 20-year-olds that a believer could not possibly possess enough knowledge of philosophy to be able to pass the end-of-year exams. Therefore, he added, each of them would have to profess atheism if they wanted to get satisfactory marks, the paper reports.

The paper also claims that Radchenko called faith a sickness that needs to be treated, and compared believers to schizophrenics.

The students, one third of whom, according to the newspaper, are religious, filed a complaint with the local Prosecutor’s Office, Radchenko was charged with religious discrimination and surpassing his authority. This offence carries a prison sentence of up to five years.

However Radchenko stands by his own belief, the paper adds, claiming he was just having a discussion with his students, and that he has a right to preach his views at the school where he teaches.

According to the polls carried out by Russian Independent Institute for Social and National Problems, 47 percent of Russians are religious. Another poll, by the St. Petersburg Institute of Comprehensive Research, states that there are 80 percent believers versus 18 percent atheists in Russia.

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